The Catering Experience Your Guests Will Never Forget

Our catering company brings delicious BBQ to your Kingwood and Houston, TX event

We've all been to an event that featured deliciously memorable food. At Eat My Ashes BBQ in Kingwood, TX, we bring mouthwatering food every time our catering company comes to an event. We want our BBQ catering to live in your memories - and on your tastebuds - long after your event.

Discover how our catering company rises above the rest

Eat My Ashes BBQ is a family-owned and -run business with years of experience in the industry. Our BBQ catering is set apart from other companies' offerings because of our consistency, presentation and amazing flavors. Additionally, we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service. We care deeply about customer satisfaction at every turn.

See how good BBQ can get - hire us to cater your event today. Don't forget to ask about our discount for veterans.

Options that will leave your mouth watering

Our catering company has options for every event. We offer:

  • On-site BBQ catering. Hire our staff to bring and serve the food at your event.
  • BBQ catering trays for pickup. Stop by to grab your party tray when you’re ready.
  • BBQ catering delivery. Have our staff drop off the food for your party.

If you need catering for your big event, we’d love to help out. No event is too big for us to cater.

Want to know what else we can do? Call 713-562-6666 and find out.